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Pikiboda is an online platform that dedicates to connect between buyers and sellers of motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. Sellers place their items on the site while interested buyers can view and browse through the many products on offers. All products placed in pikiboda are subject to verification and proof of ownership is required.

Our Services

Pikiboda specializes on sales of USED and NEW motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. There are no limits in term of placement. Any second hand or used vehicle will be checked by technician or mechanics to validate its soundness and functionalities. Therefore, buyers will be assured on machines they buy. .

1. Motorbikes

We get that you wanna look cool and we don't want to dissapoint you while you make your way through the city looking dapper and bettering your brain Try looking around the motorbikes category we hope we don't dissapoint .... all the Ducatis you would want to find imported and locally assembled as well as new or used what are you waiting for hope on some wheels

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2. Bicycles

Did you know that cycling can make you smarter and happier? You do now so peddle away and promote the formation of new brain cells...or as we say Ride your way smarter ,elevate your mood,relive anxiety and banish the blues what are you waiting for we do sell bicycles you know .....Head on over to our Bicycles Category ....and Ride your way to happy land-i-a

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3. Scooters

When they are guzzling up on gas and making our green world worse with all that carbon you're cruising on your already charged and ready for riding E-scooter....Scooting to work,school or better yet to the movies. Scooters value your time and keep you fit too don't even get me started on how they are cheaper than a car...and most of all who doesn't like a fun ride ...I know I do what about you head on over to our Scooters Category

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Want to work with us?

I'ts as easy as contacting us and you could become part of the Pikiboda Family what are you waiting for fill out the contact form in the link below or try our other contact methods and we are in business....we will contact you to inform you of your approval as a reseller on our platform .